Annapolis Weeding Services

Weed control is a constant battle for a home owner that seeks to keep their lawns pristine and clean. Even the most and best groomed yards did not get that way without considerable effort in weed control.

Stewart Lawn Care is your first defense against weed infestation in Annapolis. We have a multi-step program designed around your lawn’s specific needs.

First, we do a visual inspection with you, the homeowner. This allows our lawn care professionals to ascertain what weeds are evident, the amount of infestation and what course of action is most appropriate.

After the initial consultation, we will take steps with you for the best possible control This can range anywhere from hand pulling of weeds, to herbicides all the way to clearing patches and reseeding the area with a quality seed.

Once under control, we then move to the most important phase of the operation. At this point, the goal is to maintain the lawn’s overall health and keep the weeds in check at the same time. This is an annual maintenance plan, and one that will help your lawn keep its healthy look, even during the winter.

This last step is by far the most important. The secret to solid weed control starts with the lawn. Grass has an optimum cutting length for the best possible weed control, and when we couple that to a full fertilizing and watering program, weeds do not stand a chance.

Weeds need the same thing that grass needs: water, sunshine and food. Keeping the grass cut at the type’s optimum length chokes the weeds out. The moderate climate of Annapolis means a variety of grasses can grow and grow well, but our team is able to identify your specific grass type and cut accordingly.

After each growing season, all seeds will go dormant. This includes the seeds of the various weeds that are found in a yard. This is when we will be applying fertilizers and weed control agents, often together, for the growing cycle again in the Spring.

Many homeowners are not familiar enough with the various herbicides available on the market and will often make one of two mistakes: overkill or underkill. Too much herbicide is detrimental to the lawn, and too little herbicide will do nothing for the weeds. Stewart Lawn Care is committed to the least amount of herbicide necessary at any given time on a lawn. Trust us to care for your lawn all year long.