Anne Arundel County’s Lawn Fertilization Team

When it comes to achieving a lush, beautiful lawn, Stewart Lawn & Landscape knows how to transform your property into a showpiece. We are your local Anne Arundel County Maryland lawn fertilization experts; for over 25 years we have been transforming dull, patchy yards into lush, green lawns with our comprehensive, organic-based fertilization and weed suppression services.

What We Do

Here at Stewart Lawn & Landscape, our lawn care experts will assess your property and develop a customized fertilization program to match your particular location. Your property is unique; that’s why unlike other landscape companies, we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to choosing the right products and schedule for your yard.

All-Season Service

arundellawnfertilizationOur Anne Arundel lawn fertilization services begin in the early spring and continue throughout the summer, with a final application in the late fall. The spring applications use phosphorus-free, organic-based products that are designed to give your lawn a post-winter wake-up along with a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent the growth of noxious weeds.

Throughout the later spring, summer and early fall, we will continue to apply controlled-release fertilizers to maximize the growth and vibrancy of your turf. We will also provide ongoing monitoring and spot treatment of persistent weeds, grubs and noxious insects to prevent any damaging and costly infestations, saving you the cost of replacing large areas of spoiled turf.

In the fall, our team of Anne Arundel lawn fertilization technicians will prepare your property for the winter with a generous application of all-natural, phosphorus -free fertilizer. This autumn application is designed to extend the vitality of your lawn right up until the first snowfall; it also works to repair any damage caused by the heat of the summer.

The final pre-winter treatment coats your lawn with nutrients that will protect against the usual winter damage, ensuring you a healthy, lush green-up in the spring. You’ll be amazed at the difference this makes following snow melt; many of our repeat customers comment on how much they enjoy seeing their vibrant green lawns emerging through the snow melt each spring!

For More Information

For your free Anne Arundel County Maryland lawn fertilization estimate, call or email us today. Make this the year that you enjoy a healthy, green stress-free lawn!