Crofton Maryland Weeding and Weed Removal Services

Crofton residents and home owners should read this next section very carefully as it pertains to the biggest headache for a home owner with a yard.


croftonweedingMention the word weeds, and most homeowners quickly wince or roll their eyes thinking about the backbreaking work of constantly staying on top of annual and perennial weed infestation. It is an ongoing process, but we can help.

Stewart Lawn Service is looking for customers in Crofton who are tired of their weeds choking out their lawns. We have a systematic plan of the best possible techniques and technology, including hand pulling, to keep weeds in check and a lawn healthy.

Our process has a few different steps:

  • In person visit – Until we know what your specific needs are, we cannot help you. Visual inspection of the lawn and type of weeds is necessary for the best possible plan.
  • Establish a treatment plan – All treatment plans are twofold: immediate and ongoing. The immediate plan is to eradicate the current set of weeds in the lawn, while the ongoing plan is to prevent their return.
  • Apply necessary herbicides – We are conscious of herbicides and their potential. This is why we have carefully formulated our herbicide needs over the last 25 years for the optimum amount for each lawn. This means just enough that will not hurt the overall health of the lawn.
  • Continuous treatment – A onetime application and visit is not sufficient for overall weed control. It is best to have annual visits, preferably four times a year, for the best weed control possible.

Our continuous treatment concept means we come at each stage of the lawn’s cycle, from pre-emergent to the late growth of the heat of summer. We stay on top of your lawn and weed problem. There has yet to be a lawn that has bested our care.

You can be sure that we, Stewart Lawn Care, will take every step necessary to keeping your lawn in the best possible shape – year in and year out. Contact us today for an initial consultation. One of our trusted professionals will come to your home and conduct the inspection, answer any questions you may have and take your information for a quote. After a few days, someone will contact you with information so you can make the best possible decision for your lawn.