Keep Your Lawn Beautiful with Crownsville Weed Removal Services

You pride yourself on maintaining a beautiful lawn because the condition of your lawn represents you, the homeowner. And you’re beyond frustrated with battling weed control year-after-year. It seems that no matter how hard you try, the weeds just continue to return in the spring. You’ve given this battle a good fight.

Now it’s time to call upon the Crownsville weed removal experts of Stewart Landscape & Design. When you find yourself searching for Crownsville, Maryland weeding and weed removal services, we’re the team you’ll want to call. We know our stuff and we’ve been proudly providing these services to Maryland residents for 20 years.

What to Expect from Our Crownsville Weed Removal Services

The first thing you can expect is your complimentary estimate. During your free estimate, we’ll assess your property and your weed removal needs. We’ll also assess the grass type of your lawn, because each type of grass requires a different approach to cutting and weed removal.

Depending upon your particular lawn’s needs, steps that we may take include hand pulling the weeds, using herbicides to kill the weeds, or completely clearing patches of weeds and then reseeding the area. When we reseed an area, you can count on us to reseed with only top quality seed.

What to Expect After

Now that your weed problem is under complete control, the next phase of Crownsville lawn removal is the most important phase yet. This is the phase where complete focus is now placed on the health of your lawn.

Keeping your lawn healthy with an annual maintenance plan will ensure that pesky weeds never return again. The maintenance plan offered by Stewart Landscape & Design will keep your lawn looking beautiful even during the winter when weeds go dormant.

Secrets to weed control include keeping the lawn cut at an ideal length per grass type coupled with a full-fertilizing and watering program. With these methods implemented, chances of seeing any weeds in the spring are slim-to-none.

Hiring an Expert versus Doing It Yourself

Many property owners struggle with the herbicide application process because one false move and there’s problems. If you apply too much herbicide you could kill the lawn itself while trying to eliminate weeds, whereas not applying enough makes it difficult to eliminate weeds.

That’s why you want to hire an expert. An expert knows just how much to apply because they specialize in these types of services.

To request an estimate with the Crownsville weed removal experts of Stewart Landscape & Design, contact us today. We’re who you want to call when you need Crownsville, Maryland weeding and weed removal services. When we’re on the job weeds don’t stand a chance.