Year-Round Davidsonville Maryland Lawn Fertilization Services

If you’re considering Davidsonville lawn fertilization, you’re making a wise choice. Having your lawn professionally fertilized is important for several reasons. When you implement the measure of fertilization to meet the needs of your lawn, your lawn is left in optimum health.

You can bid farewell to weeds of all types and you can say hello to a healthy lawn that is luscious, green and growing wonderfully. Davidsonville, Maryland lawn fertilization services provided by Stewart Lawn & Landscape will prevent the growth of weeds while enriching the color of your lawn and preserving its health.

Optimum Times of the Year to Implement Davidsonville Lawn Fertilization

These are the best times during the year to have your lawn professionally fertilized:

Spring: During spring we’ll apply an organic-based fertilizer that is phosphorus-free along with a pre-emergent herbicide. The fertilizer when combined with the herbicide in precise amounts will prevent weeds such as henbit, crabgrass, and chickweed dandelions while giving your lawn a springtime boost to get the lawn going and growing strong.

Late Spring: Later in the spring we apply a liquid application of a pre-emergent herbicide and a controlled-release phosphorus-free fertilizer. These two measures ensure that your lawn remains green, healthy, and free of weeds throughout the summer months. This application should also continue to prevent dandelions, broadleaf weeds, and clover.

Early Summer: If you’re interested in grub control and surface feeding insect control, this time of year we offer these measures as an option in addition to our post-emergent herbicide.

Summer: When the sun’s rays are the hottest your lawn is at risk of getting scorched and turning brown. This is when you’ll want to allow us to beat the heat with an application of our phosphorus-free high organic-based fertilizer for an extended release of nutrients.

This measure will ensure that your lawn remains luscious and green when it’s taking a beating from the sun. If your lawn begins to experience issues with summer weeds such as spurge and oxalis, these weeds will be treated as needed.

This is a step that you will not want to skip as the higher temperatures experienced during the summer have the potential to really wreak havoc on your lawn’s health.

Fall: In the fall it’s time to give your lawn a boost of rejuvenation and a revival from the extreme heat of the summer months. We’ll again apply a dose of phosphorus-free, organic-based fertilizer dose to promote growth and recovery from any damage due to the excessive heat of summertime. Any visible weeds at this time will be treated effectively and efficiently.

Late Fall: Now it’s time to get your lawn ready for the winter months. As many little critters begin to hibernate, so does your lawn in a sense. Help your lawn to avoid the stresses of winter with another treatment of a phosphorus-free, organic-based fertilizer. This treatment will not only preserve the health of your lawn all winter long but it will also preserve the color of the lawn as much as possible as well.

To learn more about our Davidsonville, Maryland lawn fertilization services, contact us today!