Davidsonville Maryland Weeding Services

Weed control is a major concern of homeowners in Davisonville. In fact, many home owners simply do not understand the basics of weed control, and try to keep them under control with mowing and hand weeding.

Sadly, this is only partially effective. Lawns and certain grasses have optimum heights necessary for the best growing and weed control. We, Stewart Lawn Care, believe the best weed control is the lawn itself.

When we say that, we mean that the natural growth of the grasses in the lawn can actually choke out the weeds in three ways: cutting their access to sunlight, nutrients and water. A dense enough carpet of grass will use all three to keep weeds down and the health of the lawn up.

We have a systematic plan of quality control that starts with the basics. Like any good service, we begin by coming to your home and walking your yard. Some weeds are localized, and some are widespread. This initial look helps determine how we are going to treat your yard.

Herbicides are often necessary, but the application of herbicides is controlled. We do not believe in the overuse of herbicides, trying instead to control the weeds with other techniques such as fertilizing. However, depending on the time of year, some herbicides are necessary.

Herbicides must be used sparingly. Overuse is common with homeowners. This can be extremely detrimental to the lawn and grasses, so it is always best to leave herbicide applications to a professional. We are local, have a solid understanding of the weeds and their growing seasons, and use trained professionals on your lawn for weed control and prevention.

Weeds grow at different times, so while some weeds may appear in the beginning of the spring growing season, others will lie dormant until the mid to late summer. This means the best possible care must be an ongoing process. There is no one shot weed control, but our team is skilled in the best techniques to keep your lawn healthy all year long.

After the initial weed control step, the next step is prevention. Even though weeds are controlled, seeds will still lie dormant. Our team will be sure to apply necessary weed control agents to keep the seeds from germinating, but at the same time keep your lawn looking healthy, green and lush.

Give us a call; let us show you how we can make your lawn in Davisonville look its absolute best.