Save Invaluable Time with Professional Edgewater Lawn Mowers

When you’re ready to let a professional handle all of your lawn mowing and lawn care needs and you’re searching for lawn mowers in Edgewater, Maryland, contact Stewart Lawn & Landscape right away. Instead of wasting your free time on the weekend or in the evenings getting out the lawn mower to cut the grass, allow a professional to take care of it.

By allowing a pro take care of your lawn, you can use this newfound free time to actually enjoy the lawn instead of working on it. Imagine a freshly cut lawn that smells heavenly of that freshly cut grass scent and knowing that you didn’t have to break a sweat to achieve such a pleasure?

Benefits of a Freshly Cut Lawn

When your lawn is cut routinely by lawn mowers in Edgewater, Maryland, you can expect a lawn that looks beautiful and is of optimum health. A lawn that is lusciously green and ready to entertain guests with. If you’ve wanted to entertain guests in the backyard, but have been too embarrassed by the condition of your lawn, that’s a worry you won’t have with a professional handling your lawn care needs.

Your lawn will be in such great shape that you’ll be excited to have guests over for the biggest barbecue of the summer. With a freshly cut and maintained lawn, you’ll also be ready for guests that pop-up randomly for spontaneous visits. Additionally, you can expect a reduction in pests as well when your lawn is maintained and kept short.

Edgewater Lawn Mowers Services Provided by Stewart Lawn & Landscape

Lawn care services to expect from our team of experts include:

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Cuts
  • Detailed Trimming and Edging
  • Removal of Debris and Excess Grass
  • Mulching
  • Irrigation and Fertilization
  • And More.
  • Whether your lawn is in need of weekly cuts or bi-weekly cuts will be determined when our team of lawn care pros evaluates your property. This will depend upon a few factors; the type of grass, the season, and if we’ve had a bout of rain. Remember, the more it rains, the quicker your grass grows.

    Things to Consider During an Estimate

    When comparing Edgewater lawn mowers services to determine which company to work with, some things to consider include:

    • Whether or not the company includes weed control and fertilization. We do provide these services and more.
    • Whether or not service is guaranteed. We do guarantee all of our services.
    • How often the company sharpens their mowing blades. We sharping ours daily.
    • Whether or not the service switches their mowing direction regularly. We do. Within one month, we’ll mow your lawn in four different directions.
    • Whether or not the company has adequate liability insurance. At Stewart Lawn & Landscape, we proudly carry no less than $1,000,000 in liability coverage to protect our company and our valued customers.

    To learn more about Stewart Lawn & Landscape’s Edgewater lawn mowers services, or to request a free estimate, contact us today.