Say Goodbye to Weeds with Edgewater Weed Removal

There’s nothing more frustrating than the accumulation of weeds when you’ve tried everything to prevent them — everything but contacting a professional. When you feel that you’ve done all that you could to eliminate your lawn’s weed problem yourself, it’s time to call a professional.

So if you find yourself in search of Edgewater weeding and weed removal services, contact the Edgewater weed removal pros of Stewart Lawn & Landscape. With 20 years of experience providing expert lawn care services in Maryland, we know just what to do to rid your lawn of its weed problem for good.

You’ll never have to deal with weeds again when we’re on the job. Weeds can not only take away from the appearance of your lawn, but this is a problem that can spread to other areas of the lawn. And that can destroy the overall health of your lawn as well. Stewart Lawn & Landscape will remove weeds and restore the health of your lawn.

The Edgewater Weed Removal Process

During the process of weed removal in Edgewater, we’ll first come out to your property to assess matters. This complete evaluation of your property is completely free of cost to all of our valued customers. Upon completion of your property’s evaluation, we’ll let you know just what it will take to eliminate this problem once and for all, and provide you with an estimated cost.

The comprehensive plan of action that we take will vary per lawn type. Variables taken into consideration include the grass type, the size of the lawn, and the size of the weed problem. Other factors include the methods implemented to eliminate your lawn’s weed problem.

Edgewater Weed Removal Options

Your removal options may include:

  • Hand Pulling
  • Herbicides
  • Patch Clearing and Reseeding

If your lawn would benefit from complete patch clearing and reseeding, you can expect that Stewart Lawn & Landscape will use only the finest of quality seeds to reseed with. We’ll let you know during your estimate which approach would work best for your lawn’s unique situation.

What to Expect After Edgewater Weed Removal

Once we’ve gotten your lawn’s weed problem under control, there is one more job to do. And this is the most important task yet. Removal was nothing compared to what it takes to ensure that these pesky weeds never return again. It’s time to implement routine maintenance and weed prevention; otherwise you’re going to see these things again in the spring.

During this phase of the removal process, complete focus is on restoring the health of your lawn and implementing measures to prevent the growth of weeds. Ideally, you’ll want to keep your lawn short and neat along with full-fertilizing and routine watering.

When attempting to remove weeds yourself with herbicides you’re at risk of further deterioration of your lawn’s health. Contact the experts of Stewart Lawn & Landscape for your complimentary Edgewater weed removal estimate to ensure optimum results and the complete revival of your lawn’s apperance and health.