Lawn Mowing Services

lawn mowing services

Let Stewart Lawn & Landscape of Annapolis, Maryland take care of your lawn mowing needs! Spend your weekends and evenings playing catch with the kids or fetch with the dog instead of communing with your power mower. With Stewart Lawn & Landscape’s comprehensive Annapolis mowing services, your time is your own to enjoy your lawn as opposed to maintaining it.

Maryland Lawn Mowing Benefits
Have a special event you’d like your lawn to look great for? Frustrated with the time and energy it takes you to mow your lawn, only to find uneven spots and excess debris in odd places? Just received a call from your mother-in-law saying she’s paying you a spur of the moment visit? Don’t worry! With Stewart Lawn & Landscape, you can count on reliable, same-day service seven days a week from our Annapolis, Maryland mowing professionals.

In addition to an evenly cut lawn free of debris and excess clippings, you can rest assured that our specialists will maintain the security of your lawn by closing all gates and replacing all locks as instructed, and that all yard work conducted is completed in a timely, efficient, and eco-friendly manner.

Stewart Lawn & Landscape mowing services include much more than simple lawn mowing. In addition to this standard component of service, Stewart Lawn Care provides the following:
• Detailed trimming around fences, mailboxes, trees, birdhouses and misc. posts.
• Edging around driveways, sidewalks, porches, and patios.
• Complimentary mulching and removal of all debris and excess trimmings.
• Weekly or bi-weekly mowing services.
• Lawn Irrigation and fertilization services.

Estimate Considerations
When comparing lawn mowing service estimates, consider the following:

  1. Does the service include fertilization and weed control? Is this service provided from within the company, or contracted out to another company? Stewart Lawn & Landscape provides all services—to include fertilization and weeding services—from within Stewart Lawn & Landscape.
  2. Does the company’s website post a service guarantee? Stewart Lawn & Landscape guarantees in writing your complete customer satisfaction or the service is free.
  3. Does the company sharpen their mowing blades daily? If not, you run the risk of an uneven or damaged lawn. Stewart Lawn & Landscape’s mulching mower blades are sharpened daily without fail.
  4. Does the service switch mowing direction on a weekly or biweekly basis? Stewart Lawn & Landscape mows in four different directions per month, in order to lawn uniformity.
  5. Does the company have adequate liability insurance, covering the cost of damage to your property and potential injuries of company employees? Stewart Lawn & Landscape carry a minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage.