Lawn Pest Control Services

lawn pest control

Mole/Vole control- Are moles or voles destroying your lawn? If left unchecked, moles will destroy a healthy lawn very quickly. As part of Stewart Lawn & Landscape’s lawn care program we offer the most advanced and effective mole/vole elimination program available. Our complete program starts with a detailed inspection of your property. During the inspection we will consult you with a plan to fit the level of destruction of your lawn. We will eliminate your mole problem guaranteed!

Bag Worm Control – Does your lawn have bag worms? We can reduce the amount of damage bag worms cause. We also offer preventive treatments to keep bag worms from returning for years to come. As part of Stewart Lawn & Landscape comprehensive lawn care services In Annapolis, we offer a bag worm control program that will keep your landscape happy and safe.

Mosquito Control – Tired of being a prisoner in you own home because of the mosquitoes in your yard? Stewart Lawn & Landscape can help take back your yard with our mosquito control services. Our program will help minimize your families’ contact with pesky mosquitoes and create a more enjoyable outdoor experience.

Flea and Tick Control – Concerned about fleas and ticks on your property? With the help of Stewart Lawn & Landscape, you can give those pesky critters the upper cut knockout punch during flea and tick season.